A cunt that refuses to shut up, committing pro-sex acts of vaginal vulgarity.

I’m a cisgender, bisexual woman who currently works in a sex shop and as a freelance writer. I identify as a sex-positive feminist who fights patriarchy, sex-negativity and gender policing on the streets and in the sheets. I’m also a masturbation enthusiast, an unapologetic nympho and a hardcore feminist porn fan girl. I live in Toronto and I’m a dedicated frequenter of the Feminist Porn Awards. I’m learning the ropes of kink in a monogamous LDR (long distance relationship) with my boyfriend. This is where I dissect various sex and gender related issues that I come across in my day job. I also enjoy covering topics like sex toys, solo play, cam sex, and BDSM, plus I’m available to write toy/porn/erotica reviews.