Sex shop customers: the highs and lows part 1

Working in a sex shop you come across some people who grind your gears and others who rejuvenate your passion and joy for talking about sex. People who make it enjoyable to educate. People who can shoot the shit talking about sex toys, erotica and bondage without getting embarrassed or judgmental and can laugh about things.

Last night, closer to the end of my shift I had the pleasure of talking with two such individuals and it was the most refreshing, open, sex-positive customer interaction I have ever had. It started when I heard a woman commenting that she loved the BDSM version of I Rub My Duckie, a vibrator that looks like a rubber duck, except it’s wearing a studded leather jacket and a ball gag. The great thing was, I could tell that she meant it, she wasn’t just mocking it like most people do. I offered to keep some of the products she was carrying at the counter and the man who was with her asked if he could keep his grocery bag there as well. I could see through the semi-transparent plastic that there was a carton of orange juice inside and remarked on how orange juice and sex toys seemed like a good combo to me. He laughed and said that alcohol was also in the bag. “Well even better”, I added, grinning.

Soon after they were browsing the flavored lube section and I heard one of them mention that they were vegan so I gestured to our resident vegan brand, Intimate Organics. After that the woman wandered over to the bondage section and I congratulated the guy on the Fleshlight that he had chosen, which was sitting on the counter. I thought it was particularly impressive that he had chosen the Alien design from the Freaks line and he shared that he loved how it looked just like an Avatar vagina (do those things have vaginas? Oh whatever). Most guys seem super reticent to discuss their sex toy choices, so it was a nice change to hear him actively discussing the features that he liked without a trace of embarrassment. Eventually she returned and agreed that most guys just walk stiffly up to the counter and pay for their toy without a word.

She seemed to know her away around good toys, because she had in her hands not one but two Tantus dildos. “Oh, my favorite”, I said, eyes lighting up. “You have good taste.” She had a pink, thick one for herself and a slim, white one for him, which she held out for him to appraise. Apparently it was meant for a harness that she owned. Lucky boy, I thought. She said that when she goes to her local sex shop back home she’s always looking around, trying new things. She seemed so comfortable, so sure of herself that I was sure we could have easily been vibrator shopping buddies. Then she had me measure out some pink bondage rope because she already had red and purple, she explained. “It’s all about the presentation”, I said laughing. “Of course!” she said. Apparently she was also a cook, and said that good bondage should be a feast for the eyes as well. “Mouth watering, some might say,” I added, smirking. I love talking with people who can joke lightheartedly about sex. In addition they also bought some bondage tape, cock rings, flavored condoms and wax play candles. It looked like my idea of a well-rounded night.

Dinner is served.

The three of us were getting on so well by the end of the transaction that I kind of wished we could be friends. They were my favorite kind of customers to interact with. Funny, down-to-earth and sexually open without a bit of shame about it. I don’t get those kind of customers as often as I would like and it’s always a welcome experience. I gave them a wink as they left and said, “Enjoy!” without any doubt whatsoever that they would.


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