Dealing with a restless vagina

I think that my vagina is getting restless. Maybe it’s partly the fact that I’m in a long distance relationship right now, but she is getting antsy as fuck. She wants more attention than normal and she’s whiny. When we go out to eat she is super picky and nothing agrees with her so she sends everything back. She’s like the high maintenance girlfriend that I’ve never had. And we haven’t had a stressful relationship up until this point. I don’t micromanage her too much. But lately she just seems to need more pampering. Like a trip to the spa, or an all night spank bank session. And there ain’t nothing wrong with an evening of wet and wild jilling off. But there are days and nights when I don’t have a helluva lot of time for her. And then I kind of feel like my pussy becomes this little girl tugging at my shirt, trying to get my attention while I’m on the phone, or in the middle of work. And then she’ll try to get me to stay up late when I have to get up early the next morning and it’s hard to let her down. I can never say no to that pout. I’m such a push over, especially when she convinces me to watch a movie with her. But she needs to stop getting up in my business. She can’t always get what she wants, because I’m the one that calls the shots. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to give her more attention on occasion. But I’m the boss and she’s just going to have to deal with it. Even if she decides to throw a tantrum.



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