My girl, G-spot

This past weekend I got to catch up with an old friend of mine, my G-spot. We used to hang out all the time. You could even say we were tight. But then we drifted apart. We kind of stopped talking all together. I started hanging out with my other girl, clits. And we had good times, real good times. We did explosive shit, mostly late at night. We broke into dirty movies. We made a big mess. We would wreck the place. Crazy ass shit. But something was missing. That special spark or pizzazz that I have with G wasn’t there. There was none of that extra oomph that just brings things to a whole other level. So I got in touch with her on a Saturday night, and the next thing I know I’m diving right back into it with G like old times. It was like we had never been apart. I mean sure we had some catching up to do. But we took our time. We had a girl’s night, just the two of us. We got lubricated and eased into our natural rhythm. We really listened to each other. And shit got electric. We connected and things got incredibly deep. I couldn’t stop gushing about her all night. We got so into it that we didn’t even realize how late it was or how much noise we were making. We left my room in quite a state. It was a hot mess. But I couldn’t care less. I didn’t even mind cleaning up after her sloppy ass. It was just so overwhelming and intimate. The way a good night with G always is. She just gets me.


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